Acoustic Enclosure

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Acoustic enclosure 

Acoustic Enclosures are used for reducing noise and protect the machinery inside it from external factors such as wind, snow and seismic loads.

An Acoustic Enclosure is made out of  composite wall of  MS plate  1-1.2 mm thick, has powder coated painting , rock/mineral wool(Foam). It is custom build as per the customer’s requirement and degree of isolation needed.

For  Ventilation and heat dissipation in enclosure, it comes with an axial fan.

Acoustic enclosure is free standing, floor/top mounted  and has modular construction for assembly and dismantling of panels.

Noise level outside  enclosure  can be brought to 85  dBA  at 1 meter dist.  in free field  condition.

Temperature inside  the enclosure will be  within 7 deg C  above  ambient temp.





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