Pneumatic Conveying System

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Pneumatic Conveying System

Air Dynamics designs are robust and give maximum efficiency of all components used in conveying system. In all Pneumatic Conveying systems there is a process through which both the product & the conveying gas must progress. In all system the process involves:-

  1. Feeding:- Solids / Powder into the system
  2. Mixing:- Solids + Conveying air/gas combine
  3. Conveying:- Mixture is transported along the desired route
  4. Separating:- Solids are separated from conveying gas

There are three basic modes in which a product can be transported in air/ gas stream:-


Lean Phase conveying system involves the transportation of small quantities of product in large volumes of conveying air/ gas. The criterion is that all particles are suspended in the conveying air/ gas stream.

There are mainly two types of lean phase conveying systems:-

  1. POSITIVE PRESSURE SYSTEM:- In this type product pick-up is from a single point & transport it to one or more points. Pressurized gas is used to convey the material to the desired destination.


Advantages :-

  • Single point pick-up and multipoint delivery
  • Suitable for all materials
  • No material contamination occurs
  • Low air requirement
  • Dust free operation

2.NEGATIVE PRESSURE SYSTEM (VACUUM CONVEYING):- In this type there are multiple pick-up points & transport is to a single point. In this system the material is conveyed in a vacuum created by a Exhauster located downstream to filter.



  • Multipoint pick-up and single point delivery
  • Prevent material loss
  • Feeding device is not required
  • Better labor relations. No dust and pollution hazards since any dust formed is sucked in the system.
  • Minimum particle degradation & breakage
  • Reduce fire & explosion Hazards
  • Facilitates direct bag unloading.

These systems generally comprises of

  1. Roots Blower / Centrifugal Fan
  2. Rotary Air Lock Valve
  3. Ventury
  4. Cyclone Separator
  5. Bag filter
  6. Ducting
  7. Diverter Valve
  8. Dampers


It operates at lower carrier gas velocities & correspondingly higher solid loadings. These systems are restricted to ‘Fluidisable’ materials in which the powder/ air mixture behaves like a liquid.


Dense phase conveying is characterized by low velocity with high mass ratio. These systems are suitable for handling almost all types of material from very fine powders to lumps up to a size of 25 mm.The material from the vessel is split up into plugs and fed into the conveying line at regular intervals. The conveying air keeps the material in fluidized state thus resulting into movement of plugs.



  • Batch weight up to 5 tons/cycle can be efficiently conveyed
  • Can be used even with low pressure for friable & abrasive powders.
  • Can convey high capacities over longer distances.
  • Smaller pipes & Accessories
  • Pollution Free Systems gives clean exhaust air.

We are specialized in Conveying Soap Noodles / Bits and Cement pneumatically.

This is lean phase of positive pressure system, conveying Soap Noodles / Bits from feed hopper to any one of the silo selected.

We have supplied number of systems in India & abroad for conveying Soap Noodles / Bits etc.

Air dynamics supplies Fully automatic pneumatic conveying system operated by programmable logic control based control panel for all your industrial problems.

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