Dust collection system

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Dust Collection/ Extraction Systems

At Air Dynamics, we design, manufacture and supply Dust Extraction Systems, Fume Extraction Systems ideally suited for your dust collection and fume extraction problems.

As we all know that the clean environment always gives maximum working efficiency in industrial environment. As various types of industries are growing with the use of new technologies and new products, it is very important to keep the industrial work place clean and dust free. A clean working environment boosts the productivity of people working around machinery.

With increase in Industries and factories, Industrial pollution control norms are also getting stringent day by day to protect the environment. It now becomes our duty to use products that are energy efficient and non-polluting. Air Dynamics provides solutions to industrial environment problems such as Dust

Air Dynamics has supplied and successfully installed Dust extraction Systems, Fume extraction systems, Ventilation systems for various industries in India and Asian countries.

Air Dynamics, Air and Dust Pollution control systems are equipped with components providing maximum efficiency of working.

Air Dynamics aims to give you dust free, fumes free and clean industrial working environment. Air Dynamics provides simple and cost effective solutions to the industries.

Fume extraction and Dust extraction systems are all tailor made as per the layout of your plant. These can be suitable for high temperature (Up to 4500C) dust & all types of fumes, which may also be corrosive in nature.

Air Dynamics has very strong experience in Fume extraction & Dust collection systems. These systems to control fumes and dust are suitable for the following industries.

  • Rubber and Plastic Molding industries
  • Foundries
  • Chemical process industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Heat treatment plants
  • Chemical treatment plants
  • Steel
  • Cement
  • Power plants


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