Rotary Air lock Valve

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Rotary Air Lock Valve is a high precision metering device. It is used to minimize the system losses, while transferring the material between the vessels with different pressure or a volumetric feeder for metering material at specified flow rates. Rotary air lock valves are available in cast iron, cast steel, Aluminum, Heat resistant steel and other materials of construction from 100mm to 1000 mm size to meet capacities up to 500lit/rev.

These air lock valves are generally used to accomplish three basic tasks; to feed material from bin or hopper, to deliver fines from a collector, while sealing against air loss & to fed material into a pneumatic conveying system against pressure.

Our rotary air lock valves builds a heavier air locks to closer tolerances which means better sealing properties.

The Salient Features:-

  • Heavy cast housing and end plate design provides sturdy & rigid airlocks to overcome strain & distortion under heavy stress.
  • Close tolerances for internal surface machining, thus ensuring effective sealing.
  • All valves are provided with inspection doors, which is machined along with the housing. The wear blades can be adjusted without dismantling the rotor through the inspection opening.
  • All range of rotary air lock valve for high pressure & high temperature are available.
  • Sealed outboard bearing.
  • Large fabricated airlocks are built for large lumps & high capacities for ship loading unloading or preheater applications.
  • Rotary air lock valves are available with adjustable tips for abrasive powders.
  • Special feeders / Airlock valves are available in special design.

Side entry Air locks:- Rotory air locks with side entry avoid shear or degradation of hard granular pelletized materials. The side entry air locks ensures lower pocket fillage & spread the product across the rotor. Thus it will avoid the damage of the material.

Drop Through / Blow through Air locks:- These airlocks are commonly used in most applications for handling free flowing & non-abrasive materials like Raw mill, Cement, Limestone powder and fine dust below ESP, these air locks are robustly built with all the features required for low maintenance service in the most demanding industrial material handling operations. Available in no. of sizes in round/ square flange design. Heavy-duty airlock with wear resistant liners is available for abrasive dusty conditions.

Large Fabricated Air locks:- These air locks are built for large lumps and high capacities for ship loading / unloading and for pre-heater applications. These large airlocks are shop fabricated from heavy gauge mild steel plates or any special materials and stress relived for structural stability/rigidity during manufacturing as well as operation.

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